Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September 1998

One of the most memorable guests I recall was Patrick Swayze. He came in early all five shoots and was incredibly professional. I remember after the fifth shoot, he was teaching a few of the hair and wardrobe folks a few dance moves. He was an incredible guy, on and off the set.

A friend of mine, screen name "smegheady2k allen" (I love that name, even if I don't fully understand it) emailed me a petition he signed. It was called No More Patrick Swayze Films. People would actually sign to prevent this artist from perfoming, from sharing his gift with the world? This really put me off for quite a while, and I questioned whether or not I should even be friends with "smegheady2k allen" and whether I even wanted to meet him in person, like we had agreed. When I told him I didn't want to meet, he got very angry. We haven't spoken since.

I thought of "smegheady2k allen" again recently, when Patrick Swayze died. And I thought about how pointless that online petition is now, more than ever. He'll always hold a special place in the center square... of my heart.

Going up!

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