Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Glass Half Full

As with much of the Hollywood crowd, Scientology was, and is, prevalent among the behind-the-scenes folks in the studios. Not so for me. My spirituality is a natural approach. I prefer to use healing gems and crystals to improve my life. These natural materials have an inherent wavelength, that can affect my own body's energy, and change me for the better. Scientology has an e-meter which reads energy. Maybe the two aren't that different after all. Actually, I remember one day after a filming, I was showing one of the makeup girls my large gemstone orb. It was a healing gem, one that I'm certain cured me of migraines in the 90's. It was made of Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious, blue rock. This particular specimen was about 8 inches in diameter and completely spherical. I handed her the stone, but she misjudged the weight, and dropped it onto my left foot, breaking five metatarsial bones. Actually, to this day, I've had substantial foot pain from that accident. But hey - no headaches!

I also remember that day, because it was the day Whoopi resigned both her her position as the permanent center square, and as co-producer. That was a tough day.

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